Here you find news (in German only, sorry!)

AAA-Pödelwitz is a collaboration of people that fight against coal mining in the “Mitteldeutsche Kohlerevier”, (close to Leipzig) and for a future of climate justice. Still Germany uses lignite to produce energy which contributes strongly to global warming.

Because of this there have been protests for years here in this region, but still landscapes are destroyed and whole villages disappear. The few people who own the companies make big profits. The caused damage in contrary has to be carried by the whole population. But not only here lignite is causing massive damage. On a worldwide scale, global warming leads to floods and draughts and the habitat of people and animals alike gets destroyed. We do not think it is just that humans and animals suffer, so that other people in rich countries like Germany can consume as much as they like.

We believe it is possible to lead a good life, without destroying the nature and without exploiting humans and animals. We want to try this practically and live as an inspiration for others. This is why we live vegan, that means we do not eat any animal products. We want to start running our own agriculture and distributing the harvest in solidarity.

When we have to make decisions we try to find solutions that include the wishes and ideas of all people that are affected by it. This is also why we think, that villages and regions should decide for themselves if they want to allow heavy industry or other projects in their area.

We want to create a space in which everyone feels accepted and welcomed, no matter where they come from, if they are male, female or something else and no matter if they have money or not.

And if you wonder what AAA stands for:

We are the alternatives at the abyss, the anti-capitalist, anarchist anti-exploitation association for action and adventure, agriculture and apples, amen.