About Us

Alternatives at the abyss!

Three years ago, we came to Pödi to stand alongside the residents against the ongoing destruction. Some people from the project garden have left since then and new ones have joined. Now that the village has jumped off the back of the excavator, we want to build a future together in the midst of this destruction.

Pödi stays… resistant!

80% of the village still belongs to MiBraG and while the houses continue to decay day by day, the prices per square metre for the land are rising – and next door the earth continues to be excavated…

In order not to have to wait for politics, we started a self-organised process of shaping the future of a solidary, resistant and climate-just Pödelwitz together with the other residents and other actors from Leipzig at the beginning of 2020.

You can find out more about the history of resistance, the current state of “village development” and our vision for Pödi at “Pödi lives!”

AAA is

… a permaculture community garden oriented towards closed cycles, conservation of resources and mindful coexistence, where a forest garden will thrive.

… a place where alternatives to the exploitation of people and the environment, throwaway society, full supply capitalism and profit logic can be learned and lived.

… a colourful place of resistance against the destruction of the basis of all our lives and especially to support the resistance against coal and a sustainable structural change in the region.

… a space where we want to enable people to recover from actions and repression and find healing. (It is best to talk to us about this in advance, because our resources are also limited).

… a networking place at the centre of village development where people can come together to ally and forge projects.

… a community place where communal living can be tried out, social hierarchies and gender socialisation can be reflected.

The way we live is different from the concept of our own house and (nuclear) family. It is clear that with this alternative and “radical” way of life, we are offending in some places. For us, it is an expression of quality of life outdoors, living in close contact with weather, earth and plants, having dinner with everyone in a wonderful warm yurt, and then sleeping in converted construction tents.Our preference for recycled materials and desire for simplicity should not be confused with destitution. On the contrary, consumerism and the thoughtful and sustainable use of resources are rooted in our environmental consciousness. Our quality of life increases the less we depend on a high income to lead a satisfied and fulfilling life. We think it is great to produce the things we need ourselves.This is an expression of the fact that we are looking for solutions and approaches to live and, above all, to manage in a way that promotes life. It pains us to see how the capitalist system exploits, displaces and destroys human and non-human environments in order to make profits. The “more and more” rules the minds and the whole world has to submit to this maxim. Instead of the prevailing capitalist logic of exploitation, we see solutions in relationships at eye level, in solidarity and (neighbour) love. We believe that there are and need to be many ways for a more sustainable life. You certainly also have your thoughts and actions on what steps are needed so that people can live fulfilled and with respect for the earth. What do these look like? What are your thoughts and feelings?

And … do they work?

Our lifestyle enables us to work much less than other people. Some of us study or are self-employed, others do full-time activism. It is important for us to emphasise that all the political and voluntary work we do for Pödelwitz, the region and the world is unpaid, but still very much work! And also the construction and the daily life in the project garden take a lot of time.

We do not want hurtful or discriminatory behaviour, such as sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia, in the GAAArten (or anywhere else). Boundary violations and assaults are the responsibility of the whole community. We will try to name such behaviour clearly, to confront it and to support those affected.