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Hello humans

A year and a half ago we came to Pödelwitz to live here, to resist and to build a future amidst the destruction of lignite. In the meantime, a lot has developed here in the project garden, and the political situation has also changed. Some people are going to travel for longer periods of time, and so space is now available here for new people.

## The village

Pödelwitz is located south of Leipzig and is 50 minutes away from the main station by train + bike. Our village has been threatened by coal mining for years and the MIBRAG has tried to evict the people from the village on its own. And yet five families stayed and resisted to the company. This has led to the fact that the Saxon coalition agreement states that Pödelwitz is not to be destroyed (but is not legally binding!). In order not to have to wait for the politicians, we started a self-organized village development process together with the other residents as well as people from Leipzig. In this process a position paper has been developed [1], with which we want to build a village for an time after the coal.

## The people

We are currently 8-10 people who live here. We have a majority of women, two non-binary people, and one small person (2.5 years). We are all politically active in different ways: Many of us have met in the climate justice movement. Also (queer)feminism, ecology and permaculture are important topics for us. Some of us spend a lot of time here in the village to directly build up alternative structures, others travel a lot for their political work. Here in the village we want to live in a community, self-organized, autonomous and in direct contact with the world and to work transformatively.

## The garden

We are leasing the old parish garden in the center of the village. Here we cultivate a garden according to permaculture ideas and live between lime trees and walnuts in a round house, in construction carts and in smaller huts. Living with us is mainly functionally organized and if necessary private spaces were created. There is a hut built by and for women and a well equipped workshop space.

## Change

After a year and a half here, changes are now coming. Several people want to explore the world and other projects. We are happy to welcome more people (also with children), to live together, to be politically active together, to develop the garden and the village, or to experience adventures together with the youngest of us. What dreams, wishes and activities drive you? We are looking forward to your feedback! to: aaa_poedelwitz@riseup.net

You're welcome to come over too

See you soon;)