We are the alternatives at the abyss, the anti-capitalist, anarchist anti-exploitation association for action and adventure and aliens and apples, amen.

And for people who want more clarity, the following explanation:

AAA-Poedelwitz is a spontaneous, collective association of people who, during the brutal evictions in the Hambach Forest, decided to channel energy and attention into the central German coal mining area. How can it be that people from all over come to North Rhine-Westphalia to fight against RWE but many of them have never heard of EPH? We realize that there have been protests against lignite mining for decades. What is missing here is a self-organized municipal contact point directly on site, which is always open for visitors. With actions and events such as skill-share camps we want to draw people to Pödelwitz and draw their attention to the situation of the village. In addition, it is important to us to classify the events into larger contexts such as climate justice and critique of capitalism. We live vegan, resource-conserving, mindful and make decisions on a grassroots basis.