Information for visitors

We need your support to create an alternative living space here. So come along, look around, get to know us. We are looking forward to meet you!

How to get here

We’re currently living in the old train station. (Poedelwitz 33) :

To get to Poedelwitz, take the train (S6 and S5) from Leipzig to Neukieritzsch. You can take your bike with you to ride from Neukieritzsch to Poedelwitz (approx. 30 min.). On these trains bikes are carried free of charge.

Without bicycle: there is a bus (minibus with approx. 8 seats) that runs sporadically from Neukieritzsch to Poedelwitz. From Poedelwitz to Neukieritzsch it is better to call in advance to make sure the bus stops in Poedelwitz.

Here is the timetable for line 271 direction Pegau. You get on at “Neukieritzsch Bahnhof” and get off at “Pödelwitz”.:

From Neukieritzsch to Poedelwitz you can also hitchhike in daylight.

There’s no bus on Sunday, but maybe someone can pick you up. Just write us an email.

Things to bring

  • Slippers(!)
  • sleeping bag
  • (optional) sleeping mat
  • If you want to donate something to us you can see on the donation list what we are currently in need of

    General information

    We cook vegan meals from mainly rescued food.